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  • I am working on customizing and graphics today. I know NOTHING about techs stuff, but Jessica you've made this so simple and easy to follow! I actually sat here and was able to figure out how to make an image on the home page link to a page detailing the services of that package!! That is something really simple I'm sure but I'm ecstatic! I don't have a business name, logo, or really anything at this point so I'm just playing around with image sizes and colors.


  • I can't even tell you how good it feels to know that my website is finally DONE.  Jessica walks you through the entire process and makes everything totally do-able.  I now have a fully functional, ass-kicking, money-making website that I am so proud of!  It's a pretty cool feeling to know that 'I got this' - not only for maintenance, but if I want to shake things up from time-to-time, I got that too!  What's the best part? I have total peace of mind knowing that it's done RIGHT.  Word.  Thanks, Jessica!

    Mae | CustoMaed.com

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I'm Jessica (duh, right?) and I'd like to welcome you to my little space on the Interwebs.

Here you'll learn some really weird stuff that you never knew you needed to learn like an easy way to make a SUPER pretty gmail signature and some crazy useful, kinda nerdy stuff to help you run your business better.

This is also a place where I show off my design stuff, sell courses (anybody want to DIY their website or learn ConvertKit ?) and provide other fun things for business owners like pretty marketing templates and custom websites like this awesome one you're on right now.

So, slip into some comfy pants (#yogapantsforthewin), grab your tea (or, ya know, if you're cooler than me - your coffee) and start learning how to make your business better. And if you're super talented and really want to get to know me even better, give a listen to the podcast I co-host - All Up in Your Lady Business.

Peace, love + cupcakes, y'all.